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About Kayla Itsines...

Kayla Itsines is a personal trainer who has been supporting the sporting and fitness endeavours of her fans since 2008. During a decade of providing fitness advice, helping and challenging her followers, Kayla has become a major influence in the fitness world.

Promoting confidence within the minds and bodies of her followers, Kayla is hugely popular with audiences across the world. Her fitness routines, warm-ups, workouts and lifestyle videos have become a source of inspiration to her fans and now her channel is one of the best-loved for fitness tips and tricks.

Her journey to becoming one of the most influential personal trainers around the world has seen her publish best-selling books and bikini body guides as well as offer exclusive sessions to online and offline audiences. Encouraging personal growth and championing body positivity has allowed her fans to go the extra mile.

Kayla's 12-week programme has benefited thousands of people across the globe and is accessible to amateurs and advanced exercisers alike.

Providing material on all manner of topics relating to fitness, Kayla keeps her fans' appetites up with healthy food recipes, as well as covering lifestyle choices with blogs such as "Fun and Healthy Ways to Spend a Girls' Night In" and "The Ultimate Coffee Muffins Recipe You Should Try".

Providing regular and exciting content covering the benefits of healthy lifestyle changes, Kayla is constantly keeping her fans engaged with her creative ideas and insights.

The star's success saw her Bikini Body Guides earn their own hashtag (#BBG) and she soon went viral. She taught exercise routines at sports stadiums and in television studios.

Having featured on television around the world on Good Morning America, ABC News, This Morning on ITV in the UK and many more, people are enamoured with her ideas on eating normally and exercising smart.

Her meal planning and workout app, Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness became 2016's most successful fitness app and has not ceased to make an impact on the lives of many since.

Ideal for increasing brand exposure, Kayla can work social media influencer marketing campaigns and endorsements into her videos in an organic way. Her audience loves to interact with her and cannot get enough of her down to earth, motivational persona and attitude.

Her positive outlook makes her a dynamic fitness influencer, perfect for boosting your brand. To book Carly today via Influencer Matchmaker, get in touch by email at contact@influencermatchmaker.co.uk or by calling us on 0203 9580 427.

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