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Steph, better known as NotSoFarmersWife, is a first-time mum sharing both the ups and downs of parenting. With her impressive following across all her socials, she is looked upon for many struggling mums who may have problems when it comes to raising a child for the first time. 

Her young child Lennie is the focus of her Instagram, posting what they get up to daily as well as adventures they go on. Steph also utilised her Instagram to document her IVF journey when she was trying to get pregnant with Lennie. This was not only a brave thing to do but also gives so many other young women the opportunity to know what the process entails and takes an element of fear away from their own personal journeys. 

Steph also has a second Instagram page which she uses to post meals and snacks she has made for her family. The mouth-watering recipes have brought in an audience of over three thousand hungry followers. Steph also occasionally posts the recipes of the delicious dishes so her following can try it out for themselves. The success and professionalism of the account has definitely been recognised, as Steph’s kitchen account has been selected and put into a shortlist for the Yorkshire Blogger Awards 2022. 

With an ever-growing following, Steph will no doubt continue her success in keeping young mums from worrying as well as keeping the nation fed with her recipes. She is a true inspiration for all. 

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