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Ashleigh Mogford, better known by her Instagram handle, the Cardiff Mum, is a content creator who focuses her work on food and family life. Being a mum of two, to Addie and Eddie, Ashleigh has a passion for cooking and often shares mouth-watering meals that she cooks for her family with her large and engaged following.

Being a former secondary school teacher and having a degree in geography, Ashleigh now devotes her time to her Instagram, providing her followers with high quality content.

After consistently posting delicious recipes to her Instagram page, Ashleigh now often writes her own recipes, which feature on supermarket giant Aldi’s website, with most of her shopping being done with them. 

Creating her own meal plans and publishing her creative shopping techniques, Ashleigh went viral for her cheap tips and “hacks”, as she calls them, when it comes to the weekly shop for a family of four. Working alongside TV nutritionist, Lily Soutter, Ashleigh’s meal plans involve healthy eating and more affordable weekly shops.

These helpful plans are benefitting families all over the UK who are currently making cutbacks on their food shop as they continue to try and survive the cost of living crisis, with Ashleigh commentating that the plans “are amazing for families who are struggling”.

Not only do her viral plans help people consume their five fruit and veg a day, but they are also so simple and easy to follow.

An inspiration to many, the Cardiff Mum would be a great influencer to work with, hosting a large community of loyal and highly engaging followers!

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