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Alexis is an award-winning food influencer and entrepreneur. She is also the founder of Gym Bites - a company that packs jars full of healthy and nutritious foods.

With a clear passion and talent for all things food, Alexis decided to turn her hobby into a full-time career by venturing into the online world. Since then, her Instagram has grown with thousands of followers flooding in to see snaps of her delicious recipes.

Alexis loves to create wholesome, home-cooked dishes and shares all her recipes with her loyal followers to inspire them to get creative in the kitchen and cook up a storm.

With a particular focus on healthy food and clean eating, Alexis shows you how to create simple meals without compromising on flavour. She also shows you how you can inject the bold flavours from Africa and the Caribbean into your everyday dishes.

No dish is too challenging for Alexis as she demonstrates how she can work with all kinds of ingredients to make unique meals. From savoury, main dishes to experimenting with fruit, Alexis loves to get creative with food.

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