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About Daddy May Cooks...

Food lover Roland May, better known by his social media handle DaddyMayCooks, is a project manager who has a passion for cooking up mouth-watering snacks and meals. The TikTok sensation knows how to keep his large following engaged with his TikTok and Instagram pages consisting of quirky recipes as he puts twists on old classics.

From homemade ‘fakeaways’ to perfectly cooked steaks, Roland can do it all. One of his fan-favourite, long running TikTok series is called ‘What’s for dinner?’ The short clips show Roland cooking up restaurant-quality meals for his children and wife’s dinner, making his followers wish they were part of his family.

Another series Roland runs, that went viral, is ‘Yorkshire Pie-ddings’. This particular string of short videos saw the TikTok chef turn the classic Yorkshire pudding into a pie by stuffing it with other foods. From BBQ pulled pork and mashed potato to KFC chicken, the iconic pudding is always finished off with a lid of pastry. At the start of the series, the bizarre innovations got mixed reviews, with people absolutely loving the idea and others thinking it was crazy.

Being a connoisseur of meat himself, Roland is determined to have every meat lover on TikTok following him. By posting enticing videos of big cuts of meat, he has meat lovers in awe of his cooking abilities.

Working with many brands in the past, and having an amazingly large and loyal following, DaddyMayCooks is a great influencer to help promote your brand in the best way.

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