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Mum of two Amy Sheppard is a popular food and drink influencer, currently residing in the picturesque countryside of Cornwall. Being a bestselling author and founder of the food blog The Savvy Shopper’s Cookbook, Amy brings her audience simple, healthy recipes, tips and meal plan ideas, that will save both time and money.

Amy’s simple style of cooking has gained her a strong and loyal following on social media and has helped her build an ethos that states if you have the right recipes, cooking dinner should always be easy, delicious and enjoyable.

Since the arrival of her two sons, Amy has said that she hasn’t had the money to buy whatever food she fancies, and knowing other people are in the same boat as her, Amy provides tips to get clever with shopping and cooking. On failing to find the cookbook that met the needs of her family, Amy decided that she could just write one, and has since become a bestselling author.

Amy has been a regular contributor to a number of national food magazines, newspapers and publications and is always keen to work with like-minded brands and new publications. Bringing her tips, tricks and recipes, Amy has featured in The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Daily Express, Hello Magazine and many more credible publications.

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