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About Hungry Healthy Happy...

Creators of one of the UK's most beloved lifestyle and food blogs, Dannii and Dave of Hungry Healthy Happy (HHH) aspire to share their healthy recipes and outlook on life with their fans all over the world.

Originally inspiring readers back in 2011 with nourishing recipes, activities and the journey that lead to Danni's impressive weight loss - which saw her lose 98 pounds - the blog promotes health, well-being and self-confidence.

Over the years their blogs have influenced many, and readers have revelled in sharing aspects of their lifestyle. This includes offering their readers a glimpse of their travel experiences, family life, home, garden and fitness regimes.

For the couple behind HHH, it is a platform for them to express various topics and they have been consistently commended for their care and attentiveness in advising people of opportunities to improve their well-being.

2015 saw Dannii release the eagerly anticipated Hungry Healthy Happy book. Packed with useful advice on 'how to nourish your body without giving up the food you love' and over 100 recipes - the book has been credited with helping people to enjoy healthier relationships with food. It earned rave reviews, earning 4.5-star reviews on Amazon.

The book, like the couple's blogs, showcases the need for a balanced diet instead of wholesale changes to eating habits. Showing that small changes to your diet can bring sweeping change to the way you feel, HHH allows followers to 'rediscover a love for our favourite foods'.

Dannii loves to explore new recipes and is constantly creating and experimenting with her ideas. This is in some contrast to pre-2011 when she admits her 'culinary expertise extended as far as opening and closing the microwave.'

It was a health scare that prompted Dannii's comprehensive change and ever since she has been able to not only lose 7 stone but live in a happy and healthy way alongside husband Dave.

Also blogging full-time, Dave heads up the DIY, home and garden sections of the popular blog. But his efforts are not limited to this, with Dave also being nicknamed 'the bearded baker' in testament to his colourful kitchen creations. Dave also assumes responsibility for anything technical and visual behind the scenes of the blog.

The duo are a fine example for couples and families everywhere, with their overwhelming positivity proving inspirational to many readers. Brands have also found that the happy couple are perfect for advertising their products on Instagram. They have worked on influencer marketing campaigns with food companies such as Nine Bars, Schwartz, Lifeway, Dorset Cereals, Marmite and Campo Viejo, as well as lifestyle brands like Soleve and AXA PPP healthcare.

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