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About My Virgin Kitchen (Barry Lewis)...

Barry Lewis, better known as the founder of the culinary YouTube channel My Virgin Kitchen, has won the hearts of passionate cooks both within the United Kingdom and abroad. Popularised by a dedicated following that runs in the six figures, Barry’s engaging culinary content has seen him become one of the nation's most distinguished food influencers.

The widespread appeal of My Virgin Kitchen is partly a result of its popularity with amateur cooks. As a self-taught cook, Barry set up the My Virgin Kitchen channel in an attempt to expand his own cooking abilities.

As the channel’s name suggests, My Virgin Kitchen sees Barry tackle a score of recipes for the very first time – an approach which has won him vast popularity with online viewers. Inspiring viewers to take the plunge and venture out of their culinary comfort zone, Barry is a food influencer, marketing food in a truly unique way.

Originally inspired by Jamie Oliver, Barry’s success as an influencer would see him go on to receive valuable support from the man himself. Recognising his incredible potential, Jamie enlisted Barry to feature as part of his famous FoodTube project. Having undergone a radical transformation from being a struggling amateur cook to starring alongside one of the country’s best-known celebrity chefs, Barry’s future in the culinary world is brighter than ever.

Barry’s two cookbooks – Dinner’s On and My Virgin Kitchen: Delicious Recipes You Can Make Every Day – have seen him share his favourite recipes and techniques with his legion of fans. In turn, the success of his channel has afforded Barry a rewarding career as a media personality, having appeared on programmes such as ABC’s Nightline and Channel 5’s The Gadget Show. An undisputed YouTube celebrity, Barry also contributes to the channel Barshens, which sees him create fascinating vlogs alongside actor, comedian and reviewer Stuart Ashen.

As a result of his popularity, Barry has achieved vast success as a social media influencer. Having established a sincere connection with cooks all over the nation, Barry’s journey serves as a source of inspiration for all those wanting to discover their inner chef. A perfect partner in a wide array of influencer marketing campaigns, the growth of The Virgin Kitchen shows no signs of slowing down.

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