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About My Fussy Eater...

Taking up a unique position amongst food influencers, My Fussy Eater has helped families all over the world create healthy meals that appeal to the fussiest of eaters. The brainchild of mother and culinary whizz Ciara Attwell, the platform has become one of the most popular food blogs in the United Kingdom and Ireland, not to mention its impact on the parents of fussy eaters elsewhere around the globe.

A mother of two, Ciara was inspired to create the platform following her own experiences with fussy eaters. Aiming to create delicious meals that appeal to the whole family, she decided to share her culinary knowledge with the world. Since then, My Fussy Eater has truly taken off, amassing an incredible following in the process.

Due to the success of her platform, Ciara has also been able to share her culinary knowledge in other ways. She released her very first cookbook, My Fussy Eater: A Real Mum’s Easy Everyday Recipes for the Whole Family, during the first half of 2018. Providing a hundred healthy and tasty recipes for the family to enjoy, the book has helped to introduce Ciara’s work to scores of further fans.

The widespread appeal of Ciara’s platform lies in her authentic connection with her target audience. Herself a working mum, Ciara has demonstrated an understanding of the struggles involved with cooking for fussy eaters. Having had first-hand experience in this area, her unrelenting commitment to finding easy ways of creating family-friendly meal plans has won her praise with an ever-expanding audience. In turn, it is this same authenticity which has helped make her an ideal choice for influencer marketing campaigns.

An influencer marketing food unlike any other, Ciara’s platform has attracted attention from many would-be collaborators. Whether it concerns adverts, giveaways, product placements or sponsored posts, Ciara has helped a string of popular brands reach an entirely new audience. To date, she has worked with the likes of Expedia, Sage, Organix, Fragata, Rennie and more.

Having created a unique concept unlike anything else on the market, Ciara is a powerhouse among social media influencers. As such, she is the perfect partner for those looking to raise the profile of their brand.

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