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About Henry Bird...

Henry Bird rose to fame when he stepped in the famous white tent, appearing on The Great British Bake Off’s tenth season back in 2019. At the time, Henry was the youngest competitor of the season and quickly became a fan favourite due to his smart sense of style, regularly wearing a shirt and tie.

Prior to his unexpected exit in the quarter-final stage of the competition, Henry earnt a star baker award early on as well as the sought-after Hollywood Handshake. His application to the show came after he was encouraged by his university housemates, who in Henry’s words were his “best critics”, as the London-based baker would often satisfy their hunger by baking them a plethora of different various cakes, pies, and biscuits.

Since his stint on the show, Henry worked for The Times as an intern - this opened a lot of opportunities for Henry. Fast forward a couple of years and he’s now graduated from the University of Durham with a degree in English Literature. With dreams to enter the world of journalism, Henry also set out to complete a diploma in Freelance and Feature-writing Journalism! 

Henry’s charming and warming personality has allowed for him to grow an incredibly large and loyal following across his Instagram and Twitter pages. This makes Henry a fitting influencer, with his natural charisma and undeniable success able to positively boost your latest brand campaign.

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