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Niamh Shields is an influential food blogger who uses her social media platforms as a space to document her life and all things food, travel and lifestyle. A self-described ‘scientist turned food writer’, Niamh launched her own blog, Eat Like A Girl, in 2007 and has accumulated a following of over 50k across her social media platforms.

The title of her blog resonates strongly with the influencer’s personal motivations in creating a platform for food and culinary expertise. Often posing vital questions, she asks, ‘why should eating like a girl be a bad thing? Don’t we eat too?’ as a way of drawing attention to the global phenomena of body image issues and women’s struggle in finding confidence in enjoying food without the stigma or pressure of societal expectations. In being open about social taboos throughout her content, Niamh effectively establishes herself as a body image icon as well as a popular food and lifestyle influencer online.

Her blog content ranges from original and delicious recipes catered for all diets; whether it be seafood, BBQ, baking, gluten-free or vegan, Niamh’s recipes are sure to accommodate a wide variety of tastes whilst staying mindful to the demand of the growing pool of alternative diets. Alongside providing highly demanded recipes to her public following, her relationship with fans remains active and attended to when providing private cooking classes and tours.

Travelling is a growing sub-category of the food influencer’s blog as Niamh shares her experience of travelling through Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Having eaten at and reviewed hundreds of restaurants, followers are sure of the influencer’s culinary insight and can use the page as a guideline of each country’s top food and drink spots and learn about different cultural cuisines.

Her experience in food and travel has prompted many brands and businesses in collaborating with the popular foodie, and she takes to Twitter and Facebook as well as her blog to talk about her brand partnerships. She has worked on a range of collaborations with brands such as Gourmio, and sponsored projects such as road testing the Tefal cuisine companion and doing giveaways for fans. She has also partaken in sponsored trips such as her ‘48 Hours in Dublin’ experience where she reviews different restaurants and bars.

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