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About Glow Up with Becca...

Health and fitness influencer Becca, also known as Glow Up with Becca on her various social media channels, is continuing to rise in popularity, and for good reason too! 

Becca uses her platform to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle, focusing her efforts on health, fitness and exercise, as well as food and nutrition. 

With an Instagram feed filled with vibrant colours and fresh, healthy meals, as well as expert tips and tricks to living a healthier life. On TikTok however, Becca shares everything from her daily routines, quick and easy snacks and chatty videos. 

As well as sharing content across various platforms, Becca has her very own podcast that aims to inspire those who want to feel good, look good and have the ultimate ‘glow up’.

Armed with marathon training plans and challenges, Becca discusses everything from the benefits of vitamins and going alcohol-free, to sharing motivational and inspirational quotes. 

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