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About Lizzie Acker...

Lizzie Acker is best known for her appearance in the twelfth season of the famous baking reality television show The Great British Bake Off. Although she didn’t leave the tent as a winner, Lizzie has been winning ever since.

The Liverpudlian reached the quarter final stage of the competition and became an unforgettable fan favourite due to her warm personality, bold outfit choices and colourful hairstyles. Representing for neurodiversity because of her ADHD and dyslexia, Lizzie definitely did her community proud and has since said that her appearance on Bake Off has given her a platform to spread awareness for people with similar conditions.

Lizzie’s baking passion really took off during the county’s Covid-19 lockdown, where she would bake frequently, trying out new styles and feeding her six hungry housemates. As a result of her satisfied friends, Lizzie was motivated by them to apply for the show after they filled her with confidence.

On graduating university with a degree in Criminology, Lizzie loves watching true crime dramas with her partner and their dog. She also enjoys to dance, preferably samba, as a hobby and a form of exercise.

During her time in the famous white tent, it became apparent that Lizzie was building a strong friendship with fellow contestant Freya Cox. With an unbreakable bond the pair have gone from strength-to-strength since their departure from the show and now practically live together! The pair showed their commitment to each other when they revealed that they have matching tattoos dedicated to their time on Bake Off.

Having a great personality and a recognisable face in the industry, Lizzie is a great influencer to promote your brand to highly engaged and large following.

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