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About Recipes From A Pantry...

Founded in 2012 by food-lover and cooking enthusiast, Bintu, Recipes from a Pantry has taken up a unique position in the world of influencer marketing. Providing a mix of engaging content that is sure to please culinary enthusiasts all over the globe, the platform has grown into a hub for all things tasty and fresh.

As its name suggests, Recipes from a Pantry aims to get readers and viewers alike creating incredible dishes using the ingredients they find in their home pantry. Helping to inspire amateur cooks within the United Kingdom and abroad, Bintu is convinced that imagination and practice can turn any mix of ingredients into a delicious and nutritious meal. Steadily building her culinary empire from her home in the British countryside, Bintu has helped a vast audience discover the potential of pantry recipes.

Since the blog’s very beginnings, Recipes from a Pantry has grown into an exciting online platform. Having picked up tens of thousands of followers across her social media platforms, Bintu’s work has positively impacted the culinary efforts of an ever-expanding pool of dedicated followers.

As a result of her significant online influence, Bintu’s work has attracted the attention of numerous well-known media publications. Her culinary blog has featured in the likes of The Guardian, At Home Magazine, Superfood Magazine, Psychologies Magazine and Morrison’s Magazine, helping to establish her reputation as one of the country’s foremost social media influencers in her field.

Having grown up in Sierra Leone, Bintu’s love for African cooking has continued to be the main driver in her work. One part of the Recipes from a Pantry platform is dedicated entirely to African recipes, covering everything from breakfasts, lunches, dinners, vegetarian meals and home-made drinks. As a testament to Bintu’s culinary ability, her work has been shortlisted for the Red Online African Cookbook Competition.

With that being said, Recipes from a Pantry is equally characterised by its broad appeal, featuring recipes from all corners of the world. Her online content mixes recipes, cooking tips, product reviews, restaurant reviews and travel, making her a beloved influencer in the area of food, travel and lifestyle. For this reason, Recipes from a Pantry is the ideal match for food, travel and lifestyle brands looking to breathe new life into their influencer marketing campaigns.

To collaborate with Recipes From A Pantry or to find out more about how social media influencers can impact your next marketing campaign, contact Influencer Matchmaker via email at Alternatively, call one of our dedicated matchmakers on 0203 9580 427.

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