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Harnessing the power of influential figures on social media platforms, Influencer marketing is one of the newest and most effective forms of marketing. By partnering your brand with the right social media influencer, you can reach a large audience that is loyal and more receptive to making a purchase decision.

At Influencer Champions, we work with the biggest online influencers to deliver high-performing influencer campaigns. With the help of our in-house experts, you can go beyond getting your brand noticed. You can scale new markets and dramatically grow your business online.

To get the best results for both your brand and budget, you must focus on your target audience and use an array of marketing tools. And with billions of people using social media channels every day, influencer marketing is a great solution for many brands.

By working with influencers, you provide customers with the authenticity that they are looking for. You enable influencers to openly talk about their experience with your products and make your brand desirable and reliable.

With their vast reach and loyal followers, Influencers can act as a huge catalyst for growth. From one simple post or campaign, your brand can be exposed to an international audience. Thousands of followers could repost, share and mention your brand and ultimately turn paid media into free earned media.

Influencer marketing is a simple yet effective way to form relationships that deliver. Not only can you create a mutually beneficial partnership with your influencers, you can strengthen your connection with millions of consumers.

Having worked with a wide range of brands and influencers, we know that one strategy does not fit all. We focus on your end goals and create a bespoke strategy that tailors to your needs. But as an insight into how we help you to get the most out of your partnership, we follow five simple steps...

Identifying your campaign objectives and key topic areas that speak directly to your target audience.

Finding the right influencer who has access to your target audience and compliments your brand image.

Creating a unique and engaging content that builds awareness and drive valuable leads.

Measuring both your paid and earned media to identify which topics and influencers provided the best return on your investment.

Using the data from our previous campaign, we review and refresh your influencer marketing strategy; focusing on what works best for your brand.

Only 33% of consumers trust ads, but 90% trust peer recommendations

As a leading Influencer agency, we have access to an international network of social media influencers. Covering a wide range of sectors, we create partnerships that target specific audiences and connects with those who already love brands just like yours.

With Influencer Champions you will have access to popular influencers in....

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