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About Jeremy Pang...

Jeremy Pang is not just a cookery teacher; he is a culinary force that resonates with the passion and traditions of three generations of Chinese chefs. As the founder of London's award-winning 'School of Wok', he has revolutionised the way Asian cuisine is perceived and prepared in kitchens across the globe. His infectious enthusiasm for cooking is a familial inheritance from his father, who engaged him in the playful yet educational game of guessing dinner ingredients nightly, laying the foundations for his future in gastronomy.

Jeremy's approach to cooking is refreshingly straightforward and accessible, allowing him to connect with a broad audience. He simplifies the complexities of Asian cuisine, making it an adventurous journey for home cooks eager to delve into its vibrant flavours. With his easy-to-follow teaching techniques, Jeremy has become a beacon for those aspiring to infuse their cooking with the essence of Asia.

His charisma and expertise have not gone unnoticed, as demonstrated by his television show on ITV, 'Jeremy Pang's Asian Kitchen'. Sponsored by LKK and first airing in the summer of 2022, this 10-week series showcased Jeremy's explorative culinary ventures across the UK. He connected with local food producers, sampled a diverse array of ingredients, and created unique Asian dishes, all the while guiding viewers through each step.

Beyond television, Jeremy's influence extends to the literary world. He is a best-selling author with a rapidly growing series of cookbooks. His first book, launched in May 2022, topped UK charts in Amazon's cookbook categories, celebrated for its quick and easy approach to fresh Asian cooking. By June 2023, his second title, 'Jeremy Pang's Simple Family Feasts', further cemented his status as a culinary author of note, available worldwide to enthusiastic readers and home chefs alike.

Jeremy Pang's impact as a chef and food influencer is a testament to his skill, passion, and the cultural legacy he carries forward. He inspires many to not only cook but to appreciate the stories and traditions behind each dish.

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