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About Kim-Joy...

Kim-Joy’s calm and vibrant personality captured the hearts of the nation when she appeared in the 2018 season of The Great British Bake Off, seeing her reach the final. Even though she didn’t win the competition, Kim-Joy is now a professional baker as well as a bestselling author. 

The Belgium-born former mental health specialist turned celeb-baker now lives in Leeds with her husband Nabil. With her father being English and her mother being Malaysian-Chinese, Kim-Joy has a mixed heritage background, which is reflected in her open attitude to trying different styles of baking. 

Since her stint on the famous baking show, Kim-Joy has released three cooking and baking books. Her debut baking book, “Baking with Kim-Joy”, had great success, becoming an international bestseller. Her second baking book, “Christmas with Kim-Joy”, is a more festive read, containing “edible cuteness” where she puts an emphasis on the details of her bakes to make them look friendly and adorable. Her final book is “Celebrate with Kim-Joy”, which is full of wonderful recipes for celebratory bakes such as birthday cakes.

Kim-Joy utilises her Instagram to voice the importance of looking after your mental health, sharing stories of her childhood and her own personal experience of having anxiety. Often sharing tips and support to her large following, Kim-Joy is an inspiration, making people feel better about themselves and acting as a pillar of comfortability.

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