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Saffron Barker is a leading YouTube personality with a channel dedicated to comedy, entertainment, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. With two popular channels on the video sharing platform, she has accumulated a combined following of almost 3 million subscribers and a staggering 400 million views across all her videos combined.

Before taking the leap to becoming a renowned social media influencer, Saffron was involved in music and performing arts and participated in a number of talent shows and made headlines in the press. She then formed a band called Born2Blush, with whom she released original singles. Soon after the band split in 2015, Saffron decided to leave her musical dreams behind her and pursue her interests in fashion and lifestyle vlogging.

Saffron mostly creates content around the worlds of fashion, beauty, lifestyle. Some of her most popular videos include fashion hauls and reviews of products from the likes of Primark and Missguided. However, with the desire to entertain her fans, Saffron also shares videos of hilarious pranks and challenges that she conducts alone, with friends or with family. Some of her most popular challenge videos include ‘I Got My Mum’s Face Tattooed On Me’, ‘I Swapped DIets With A 7-Year-Old For 24 Hours’, and ‘Hiding In My Ex’s House’. Keeping her videos funny and engaging, she attracts views from a wider audience when diverging from solely beauty and fashion related content and caters her channel to a larger demographic.

Beside her influence on social media, Saffron has engaged in TalkTalk TV’s television series In My Day, where she and her family members discuss different topics such as love, relationships, technology and fame, from intergenerational perspectives.

Saffron efficiently utilises her elevated platform to promote good causes to the public. Eagerly, she participates in charity and humanitarian causes, taking to Instagram to share her support of organisations such as Make A Wish Foundation through marathons as well as releasing Christmas charity singles with fellow YouTubers.

Due to her loyal following and significant online presence, Saffron has now successfully launched her own range of merchandise. The young entrepreneur offers her fans the chance to buy branded clothes, bags and accessories. In addition to this, she utilises her social media platforms to collaborate with the likes of Primark, EOS and Too Faced through sponsored posts and promotional content, as well as collaborating with Beauty Bay in launching her own eyeshadow palette.

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