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Saffron Barker is a leading YouTube personality with a channel dedicated to fitness, fashion, beauty and lifestyle. With two popular channels on the video sharing platform, she has accumulated a combined following of over three million subscribers and a staggering 400 million views across all her videos combined.

Before taking the leap to becoming a social media influencer, Saffron was involved in music and performing arts and participated in a number of talent shows and made headlines in the press. She then formed a band called Born2Blush, with whom she released original singles. Soon after the band split in 2015, Saffron decided to leave her musical dreams behind her and pursue her interests in fashion and lifestyle vlogging.

Saffron mostly creates content around  fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Some of her most popular videos include fashion hauls and reviews of products. However, with the desire to entertain her fans, Saffron also shares videos of hilarious pranks and challenges, often with friends and family. Now, Saffron has found a new-found love for health and fitness, and uses the video-sharing platform to document her fitness journey as an athlete for both Gymshark and Bulk. 

A regular user of Instagram, Saffron uses the photo-sharing platform to share stylish fashion shots, cosy home snaps and health and fitness tips whilst often sharing swoon-worthy images from her travels around the world.

Due to her loyal following and significant online presence, Saffron has continued to pursue her interest in fashion and has successfully launched her own clothing range with online fashion giant, In The Style.

Now, Saffron has launched her very own podcast alongside her mum, titled Mum Made Me Do It, where the duo chat about mum-daughter relationships, body confidence and providing unfiltered advice.

In 2019, Saffron proved to be a woman of many talents as she appeared on the 2019 series of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing and is set to appear on 2021's The Circle in aid of Stand Up 2 Cancer.

And more recently, Saffron bought her first home and is documenting the renovation journey on YouTube, sharing her interests in home decor and interior design.

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