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Estee Lalonde

About Estee Lalonde...

Estée Lalonde was born and raised outside snowy Toronto, however currently resides in London.

In 2011, Estée started her YouTube channel, Essiebutton after moving to London in 2010. Her blogs and vlogs based on themes of lifestyle and beauty rose in popularity and she grew a major following.

The YouTube personality has become an online phenomenon ever since, as she brings regular and lively content to her fans in the form of fashion, beauty, food and lifestyle related videos. She has also delved into themes such as mental health and often shares her travel experiences.

Sharing daily vlogs, Q&A style videos and honest life updates, Estee has created a real connection between herself and her fans. Also discussing her favourite beauty products, skincare routines and product empties, Estee has made a name for herself as an established beauty influencer.

On Instagram, Estee can often be found documenting her days via Instagram Stories as well as unique and innovation videos using the Reels feature. With a feed filled with smiley selfies, glam makeup looks and OOTD's, Estee also shares her life as a dog-mum, as well as home updates.

Also passionate about jewellery, Estee launched her very own collection with Daisy Jewellery.

Crafting videos which showcase the intricate details of her life, such as 'A Typical Weekend' as well as more targeted content featuring brands that she is working with, Estée takes time in ensuring her videos and blogs are relevant and engaging for her audience.

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