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India Grace

About India Grace...

This YouTube sensation has marked her presence across social media amongst teens and young people as she delivers fashion, beauty, skincare and fitness content. India is a well-rounded lifestyle influencer who boasts an impressive total of over 25 million views across her channel, with a dedicated fanbase that follows her activity across Instagram as well as YouTube. Having such a strong presence on multiple platforms, the young influencer does not fail to grab the attention of viewers who follow her lead on fashion and beauty tips, making her one of the youngest and most successful icons amongst the influencer pool.

Being comedic and light-hearted in nature, India’s content entertains the masses as she takes on challenges and pranks that are highly demanded by the public alongside pursuing her passions for beauty and lifestyle. This not only attracts her desired audience of fellow fashionistas and aspiring beauty queens, but allows everybody to enjoy her content as she keeps up with popular trends and challenges that arise within the YouTube or social media community. Some of her most popular challenges and trend tags include the ‘Mukbang Challenge’, ‘Mom Buys My Outfit Challenge’, ‘5 Minute Makeup Challenge’, as well as ‘50 Facts About Me' and ‘Christmas Gift Swap’.

Aside from fashion and beauty, India’s videos prove to be engaging and interactive with fans as she frequently posts ‘Get Ready With Me’ videos as well as ‘Cooking With India’. These videos encourage fans to follow activities alongside the influencer as she takes on interesting make-up and fashion challenges. In addition to this, she frequently carries out fashion hauls and product reviews for her fans on some of her favourite brands.

India eagerly collaborates with brands whose products resonate with her fashion, beauty and lifestyle influence. Some of these internationally renowned brands include Pretty Little Thing and Daniel Wellington, with whom she engages through a series of sponsored posts, product promotions and exclusive discount codes for followers to use. Dissimilar to this, she has actively engaged with games companies such as EA in the launch of their events promoting games such as Sims. In this way, India effectively becomes an all-round influencer that willingly collaborates with brands outside of her own realm. She is also an active supporter of Holler and Glow, as she collaborates with them in the launch of their brand new products and provides giveaways and attractive deals for fans.

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