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About Kady McDermott...

Originally from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Kady McDermott swapped her hometown for Majorca in 2016 when she joined a cast of future stars looking for love on ITV 2's Love Island. During the show, she coupled up with Scott Thomas and the duo enjoyed a whirlwind romance.

On the show, Kady and Scott grew close, though the odd argument did ensue, including an explosive one which earned Kady a 'detention' on the show. But the 2016 contest was considered one of the most exciting to date and Kady was a fan favourite - finishing third place with Scott Thomas.

Following the show, Kady and Scott remained together, holidaying in the Maldives and raising their pet dog, Cody. Unfortunately, the pairing wasn't meant to last and they split in August 2017. An appearance on Good Morning Britain occurred as Kady built up a following in the health and fitness.

Her bikini plan - which she implemented alongside her personal trainer Sam Whitter - who was soon released. Thanks to her success in fitness, Kady moved into beauty and established her cosmetics lineBy Kady. The '100% animal-free' products have seen great success and have continued to grow.

She has also shown her commitment to animals in other ways, working with Moroccan animal sanctuary, SFT. Furthermore, her blossoming influence has continued to land her high-profile roles within the media.

In 2018 she began dating The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) star, Myles Barnett and she joined the show. She has taken well to her role on TOWIE, with audiences loving her style and the way she has effortlessly slotted in.

Alongside her roles on screen and her entrepreneurial efforts, Kady has found success as a major social media influencer, with her presence on Instagram and Twitter prompting international brands to take notice.

Her influencer marketing campaigns and brand collaborations have seen Kady work as a fashion influencer, teaming up with AX Paris, Rebellious Fashion, Missy Empire, Changing Seasons and In the Style. She has also taken time to promote the likes of Top Cashback, Palm 3 Sunglasses, Nutribuddy and Hair Burst - proving her popularity online.

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