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About Emma Chamberlain...

As one of the youngest and most successful influencers in the world, Emma Chamberlain has already established an immense social media following. Racking up an impressive total of almost 17 million followers across her social media channels and an unbelievable 665 million views across her YouTube videos, Emma’s fanbase is increasing by day and she continues to be a powerful force in the world of YouTube and influencer marketing.

Sharing everything from daily vlogs, cooking videos, fashion hauls, challenges and collaborative videos with other influencers, Emma’s appeals to a huge audience and is therefore loved by millions of fans. Despite have a huge fanbase of her own, Emma is also a member of the popular YouTube group Sister Squad where she works alongside world-famous beauty influencer and entrepreneur James Charles and the hilarious Dolan Twins. Together, the group built their own following when creating entertaining videos such as fashion challenges, pranks, mukbangs and other trending challenge tags.

Showcasing her unique style across her social media, Emma is one of the youngest fashion influencers in the industry. From wearing scrunchies, to carpeted jackets and oval glasses, she is something of a fashion icon to many young fans. Staying true to her own style, she often shares her fashion ideas online and showcases several outfits on Instagram, making her page a fashion gallery for viewers and followers. Giving her fans the chance to imitate her style as well as show their support for the star, Emma has now launched her own merchandise site where she offers a range of clothing for her fans. Items predominantly include a selection of branded t-shirts and hoodies.

Being a regular vlogger on the platform, the popular YouTube star uses the platform to share the exciting adventures as well as the day to day happenings in her life. She takes to both YouTube and Instagram to document her travels, with her most popular video being ‘Road Trip To Vegas Featuring the Dolan Twins’, racking up an impressive total of 25 million views. She keeps fans entertained with her ‘Extremely Last Minute Trip’, ‘24 Hours In Canada’ and ‘Travelling Alone For The First Time’ videos, all of which have amassed millions of views. In this way, she not only becomes a popular fashion icon and internet personality, but also interweaves her comedy videos into her travel content.

Involving herself in entertainment, fashion, beauty, travelling and lifestyle, she becomes an all-round influencer who is able to cater her content to millions of people and a diverse range of audiences. Despite her young age, her content appeals to people of all ages and genders as her videos and discussion topics remain entertaining and universally relatable.

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