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Posting for the first time on her Lovievie YouTube channel in 2015, Evie’s content originally covered a range of topics - from morning routines to travel essentials – but now, she is recognised for her fashion and beauty related content. 

Evie’s fashion challenge videos are especially popular and often see Evie task herself with styling looks on a budget or using a single colour to create on-trend outfits.

Evie’s try-on hauls are all about single-store shopping and creating the hottest looks from a brand’s collection. Her tastes lean to glam-streetwear from the high street, and Haz vlogs refreshingly honest accounts of her styling successes and mishaps.

Evie’s Instagram feed showcases her love for colour and clashes, where bright and vibrant colours are combined with chic animal prints and knee-high boots. Evie’s Instagram Reels see her recreate styling themes from favourite movies and Pinterest recreations. 

Having also launched a podcast, Growing Up and Sometimes Down, in 2020 with best friend Olivia, the duo discuss a variety of subjects including university life, relationships and life on social media.

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