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About Ami Spalding...

Ami Spalding is a lifestyle and wellness content creator based in London. Having graduated with a degree in Criminology from the University of Liverpool, Ami now devotes her time to her online community as she continues to grow her online presence.

Boasting hundreds of thousands of followers, Ami likes to focus on improving her own mental health, with her content showing the ‘real’ side of her life. Her open and honest documentation through her journey with taking anti-depressants and having therapy is greatly admired and respected by her adoring community as Ami inspires and encourages them to feel comfortable in speaking up about problems they may be facing.

Ami’s content consists of everything from satisfying cleaning videos to making herself feel good by applying and sharing full face makeup tutorials. A long-running series on Ami’s TikTok involves her buying specific beauty products, including fake tan and moisturising creams, off of the TikTok Shop feature and honestly reviewing them for her followers.

Having a passion for making vlog-style videos, Ami shares consistent vlogs on her TikTok page and has branched out onto other platforms such as YouTube to post long videos, which her followers seem to love.

An inspiration to many, Ami would be a great influencer to promote your brand in an upcoming marketing campaign!

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