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About Graces.Faces...

Grace Llewelyn-Leach, better known online as Graces.Faces, is a TikTok star who has created a safe-space for other young women and men who may be insecure about their skin.

Her incredible transformation videos rake in millions of views and likes, and despite their being some trolls, Grace’s amazing and supportive following pull through and leave complimentary comments whilst adoring her content. 

Grace’s main style of content is a “get ready with me” video. This involves Grace doing her makeup ready for attending events, nights out or simply just for fun, so her followers can try new make-up styles for themselves. Her amazing skills have gained recognition from top beauty brands, even the likes of Charlotte Tilbury! 

The TikTok sensation is a great advocate for being comfortable in your own skin. Struggling from acne herself, Grace shares her natural face on camera to normalise skin conditions and allow her followers to also feel confident showing off their natural beauty. 

Grace is without a doubt a top influencer. Promoting significant messages to her followers and being a talented content creator, she is a great role model who would greatly benefit your latest brand campaign! 

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