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About Laura Meachem...

Laura Meachem is a YouTuber and social media influencer. With videos ranging mostly from fashion, beauty, skin care and hair care, she tells viewers on her channel to “expect numerous hauls with a dash of beauty.”

With an independent approach to fashion, Laura strays from sticking to one type of dress wear; whilst she doesn’t typically adopt a specific ‘signature look’, her versatility in fashion and makeup enables her to become a unique, all-round influencer that many people of different styles can look up to for fashion tips and advice. Her chic but casual outfits allow followers to implement a perfect blend of a sharp but laid-back look; like nobody else, she makes comfort look stylish and style look comfortable.

Laura’s Instagram page is her most dominant platform for showcasing a series of different looks as well as promoting her partnership with various different brands and clothing lines such as Daniel Wellington, Abbott Lyon, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, I Saw It First, Skinny Tan, and more. She enthusiastically collaborates with brands through a series of sponsored posts across her social media and videos on her YouTube channel.

Laura broadens her scope by establishing her online presence in multiple areas. Whilst fashion and beauty is her sphere of expertise, she diverges from creating new content that is too resemblant to her previous work. She often uploads daily vlogs as well as travel videos, keeping followers engaged in her private life as well as her professional. Her love for travelling is showcased more often through her YouTube channel, whereas her Instagram is a space primarily used for fashion showcasing and commercial endeavours.

Laura’s flexibility within the influencer marketing world makes her an asset to companies who want to collaborate with travel and lifestyle influencers as well as promoting fashion brands or launch a new make-up collection. As well as pursuing these interests, she frequently engages followers in Q&A videos where she provides answers to the most popular questions regarding make-up, fashion, or her personal lifestyle. In this way, she maintains an interactive relationship with fans who are keen on following the influencer’s beauty guidance.

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