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About Leanne Amaning...

Leanne is a customer service advisor and is currently sunning it up in the Love Island villa whilst looking for love.

Pledging to change, Leanne is on a mission to face her fears and is going to start opening up to people - what better place to do just that than in the villa of love!

Describing herself as fun and charismatic, Leanne stunned the nation when she created and used the phrase ‘situationship’ - meaning she has never had a boyfriend but has had her fair share of relationships without the label, but they aren’t for her. With the aim of settling down, the former Miss Ghana beauty queen is looking for someone who is loyal and trustworthy.

Leanne is more than just a pretty face as she has a whole lot of brains too having recently graduated from university with a Masters in Occupational Psychology.

Taking to Instagram, Leanne often shares sweet selfies showing off her effortless makeup and fabulous outfits. Leanne also documents her days from trips away to exotic destinations such as Ghana and Hungary.

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