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About Gemma Louise Miles...

Gemma Louise is a well-known influencer within the beauty influencer community. With a passion and knowledge for photography, Gemma combined her skills to become the ultimate blogger and social media influencer.

Formerly a graphic designer, Gemma changed her focus and became a full-time blogger after running her blog on the side for quite some time.

Originally recognised for her work as a beauty blogger, Gemma has since ventured into the world of lifestylefashion and interior design. Taking to her self-titled blog, Gemma shares her favourite beauty products, seasonal trends, current makeup and skincare routines as well as beauty gift guides.

Gemma also documents life as a first-time mum with a toddler in tow. Posting to Instagram, she shares sweet snaps of herself and her little one, Reuben, and the adventures they embark upon together. From short 'staycations' to European city breaks, the weekly food shop and quick and easy meals, Gemma posts everything on her Instagram Stories.

As well as posting about all things beauty, fashion and parenting, Gemma is also passionate about interior design with an account on Instagram dedicated to home decor. Always looking to update and refresh her lovely home in York, Gemma shares her favourite homeware finds and often gives her followers ideas of how to style different areas of their homes.

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