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Alice Spake is the face behind the blog Alice Anne, formerly Annie Writes Beauty, and is a popular influencer documenting her journey into parenthood as well as sharing her passions of fashion, food and beauty. 

Beginning her blog back in 2014 as a way to share love of makeup and beauty, Alice’s content has grown and evolved over the years. Alice has turned her hobby into a career as she is now is a full-time blogger and influencer.

Alice’s Instagram feed is filled with snaps of her cosy home that she shares with her fiancé and son. As a mum-of-one, Alice has documented her journey into parenthood, sharing her experiences as well as her favourite mum and baby-related products. Sharing all other aspects of her lifestyle on social media, Alice is also active on Instagram Stories, posting about her days and what she gets up to with her thousands of followers. 

Still passionate about beauty, makeup and fashion, Alice often discusses her favourite products in both detailed blog posts and stunning flat-lays on Instagram. Also passionate about food, Alice’s social media is filled with delicious looking bakes, dinnertime meals as well as food and restaurant reviews.

A keen reader, Alice is also recognised for her love of books, often sharing her favourite finds and posting informative reviews.

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