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About Freya Tidy...

Freya Tidy is a successful social media influencer and model based in the UK who has amassed an incredible following across her Instagram page, TikTok page and YouTube channel.

On TikTok, Freya shares inspirational outfits that are trending, including autumn fits and various quirky styles. Freya also uploads a lot of in-depth makeup tutorials and skincare routines, often collaborating with top brands, sharing tips and tricks for application techniques.

Her creative videos don’t stop there, as Freya also shares hair styling inspiration, as well as videos that show off her travelling adventures around the world and fun with friends.

Over on Instagram, Freya posts snippets of her modelling progression with behind-the-scenes pictures of shoots she attends as well as magazine shoots, working with renowned brands such as fashion retailer giants, ASOS!

Freya has blossomed into a successful social media figure, and with the increasing success of her modelling career, Freya is a great influencer to help boost your brand in your latest marketing campaign.

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