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About Chantelle Fenwick...

Chantelle Fenwick is a music & entertainment, beauty and lifestyle influencer from the UK. Wanting to be a content creator ever since she was young, Chantelle launched a YouTube channel to try and achieve her lifetime goal of being a singer. Over time, Chantelle naturally adapted her content and explored the idea of entering the beauty industry.

Now Chantelle uploads a whole range of content including honest product reviews and funny relatable point-of-view style videos for her large and loyal following, which she has amassed over the years of creating content.

Chantelle likes her content to be relatable so she can connect on a deeper level with her following, bringing them honest product reviews as she believes that honesty is treasured most from a viewer’s viewpoint.

Wanting to support her followers, Chantelle often talks about and brings up taboo topics such as ADHD and advocates mental health problems, especially anxiety. Using her platform to both raise awareness and help people who may be struggling, Chantelle is an inspiration for every one of her followers.

Already proving that she can work professionally and successful with collaborations, Chantelle will provide an honest product review for your latest products, boosting your campaign!

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