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Francesca Monte stands as a beacon in the digital age, a multi-faceted talent whose influence spans the realms of music, fashion, and lifestyle. With an impressive 13 million streams across various DSPs, Francesca's musical journey paints her as an 'Alt-Pop Icon', a testament to her unique sound and style that resonates with millions globally. Her stints on renowned platforms like 'The Voice of Italy' and 'X Factor 8 Italy' only scratch the surface of her expansive career, highlighting her versatility and appeal to a broad audience.

However, it's not just the music charts Francesca is conquering. She's also making waves in the fashion industry, most notably through her successful collaboration with sportswear giant PUMA. Her first capsule collection was a resounding success, selling out within a mere month of its launch, reflecting her significant influence and the trust her fanbase places in her creative vision.

Her endeavours extend into advocating for sustainability and inclusivity in fashion, as seen through her work with Istituto Marangoni London. By focusing on sustainable and gender-fluid fashion, Francesca positions herself at the forefront of important contemporary discussions, driving forward a more progressive and inclusive fashion narrative. Her collaborations with high-profile designers like Angel Chen, Sandro Paris, Gilberto Calzolari, and others underline her status within the fashion world and her commitment to these vital causes.

Francesca's beauty and lifestyle influence is equally noteworthy, seamlessly weaving her artistic persona into her content creation. Whether she's sharing snippets of her life, fashion insights, or beauty routines, her content is a reflection of her authentic self, making her relatable and a source of inspiration to her followers. 

Currently, Francesca continues to enchant the music industry, with her EP 'Alièn' topping the iTunes electronic chart and its accompanying short film premiering at the prestigious Giffoni Experience. Whether through her music, fashion endeavours, or her influential social media presence, Francesca Monte continues to solidify her status as a powerhouse influencer, artist, and advocate for change.

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