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Emily Philpott

About Emily Philpott...

Emily Philpott is a social media influencer who specialises in creating content about all thing’s fashion, beautylifestyle, and home décor. 

Always looking ultra-glam, Emily’s Instagram feed is filled with stylish outfit shots, travel snaps and pretty selfies. Often sharing her skincare routine, favourite outfits, and snippets of inside her luxurious looking home, Emily’s online presence is continuing to soar. 

On YouTube, Emily shares a variety of fun and engaging content. From fashion hauls, clothing try-ons, daily vlogs and challenges to holiday vlogs and house tours, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Documenting the house move and the renovation journey, Emily is also becoming recognised for her love of home décor and interior design.

With an interest in travel, Emily is often seen jet-setting and exploring some of the most picturesque places the world has to offer, including Palma, Rhodes, and Lisbon. 

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