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Hannah Briggs stands out in the digital world as a beacon of realness and positivity. With her roots in the beauty and fashion industry, her journey is far from superficial. It's about breaking norms, celebrating mid-size beauty, and making self-love a trend. Her impressive tenure with industry-leading organisations such as GHD and UNiDAYS has been overshadowed by her personal triumph as an influencer who champions body positivity. Boasting over 140,000 followers to date, Hannah's influence is undeniable, yet it's her relatable approach that truly captivates.

Hannah's life, filled with transitions from Leeds to Rome, instilled in her a resilience that's palpable across her social platforms. Her childhood, marked by frequent moves and fleeting friendships, found solace in the expressive world of fashion and digital communities on YouTube. This passion laid the foundation for Trust in Vogue, her fashion blog born out of genuine enthusiasm and a desire for connection.

Not just a passive participant, Hannah is an active creator in the fashion realm. She transformed her struggles into entrepreneurial success, catching the eye of lecturers at Northumbria University and brands alike. Her Instagram isn't just a profile; it's a testament to her journey, peppered with milestones like being reposted by Missguided, which marked a pivotal point in her online career.

Identifying and flourishing within the 'mid-size' community, Hannah's content transcends typical fashion posts. Her reels are a curated yet genuine glimpse into her life, interweaving glamorous Leeds cityscapes with powerful body-positive affirmations. She's not just posing; she's advocating for a space where women can embrace every curve and imperfection.

Her commitment is evident in her meticulous content planning, even if it means early morning shoots or quick changes in a car. She balances authenticity with aspiration, never shying away from sharing the effort that goes into her perfect shots. Hannah Briggs is reshaping standards of beauty, encouraging her followers to revel in their uniqueness. Her message is clear: love yourself fiercely, unapologetically, and out loud.

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