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India Moon

About India Moon...

India Moon is a popular fashion blogger, Instagrammer and photography influencer. Whilst studying film in London, India decided to launch her very own blog to document her ideas to the public sphere, as well as creating a means of escapism from the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. Today, her self-titled blog, Love, India Moon, is a popular space for sharing and discussing everything from lifestyle, beauty, and fashion trends.

India’s blog topics often range from beauty tips, product reviews and recommendations to fashion tutorials, mental health talks and all-round life advice. She keeps an open and honest relationship with fans through talking about the effects of stress and how to manage it, and thus becomes an influential figure for many young people by maintaining an authentic image despite her social media presence.

Alongside her blog, she participates in fashion photography with fellow influencer Pia Gloria. Together, they created Gloria&Moon photography, a platform wherein the duo share content relating to fashion and beauty. Being immersed in the influencer world, the pair also utilise their platform to help other aspiring influencers and fashion enthusiasts to curate on-brand and relevant content for their own digital platforms. They explain that their aim ‘isn’t limited to assisting in creating content’ and that they also ‘wish to help promote self-confidence and self-love’. Whilst being a helping hand for many creatives out there, they also spread the important message of self-confidence to their fans, whether it be in relation to art and content or personal wellbeing.

Throughout her Instagram accounts, India displays a variety of fashionable looks and trendy styles as she incorporates a series of different outfits into her daily posts. Refraining from monotony in her content, she experiments with pastels, bold colours, monochrome, florals, nudes, seasonal wear and much more. In this way, she keeps followers on their toes when complementing each look with a vibrant setting, creating a visually pleasing gallery that encapsulates the influencer’s attained aesthetic.

India’s online presence has enabled her to land partnerships with nationally renowned brands such as Rebellious Fashion, Paul Valentine and White Glo. She dedicatedly supports these brands through sponsored content on her social media channels and blog, whilst endorsing their products and becoming an advocate for their business.

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