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About Lauren Candy...

Lauren Candy is an ever growing fashion, beauty and lifestyle content creator who is admired for her friendly and infectious personality, providing tips and tricks for all things fashion and beauty to her large, loyal and highly engaging following.

With multiple long running TikTok series, Lauren likes to keep her content fresh and entertaining, making her followers feel like they’re having a one-on-one conversation with one another. Try-on hauls tend to be one of Lauren’s favourite videos to make, as she takes her followers through her new purchases and explains the reasoning behind the purchase, styling it with other items to create a perfect look.

“Get Ready With Me” style videos also feature a lot on Lauren’s TikTok. Whether she is attending a party or going on a winter stroll, Lauren always looks fashionable, with her followers taking on board her looks and then try and style them for themselves.

Lauren is a highly sought after influencer who has already worked with a number of fashion brands, as well as having a highly engaging following, making her the perfect match for your latest marketing campaign.

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