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Known by her Instagram handle The Real Fouz, Fouz al Fahad is a world-renowned beauty and social media influencer. Her undeniable skills as a makeup artist have drawn in thousands of followers to her Instagram account and made her one of the most sought-after makeup influencers within the Middle East.

In 2014, Fouz al Fahad partnered with Kuwaiti YouTube channel TvBelMokhba to start her journey of posting makeup tutorials and teaching people how to create her stunning looks at home. Before her career as a beauty influencer took off, Fouz al Fahad graduated from the British School of Kuwait in 2007 and later majored in Finance at the Gulf University School of Technology.

Often referred to as a real, raw and refreshing force, Fouz al Fahad doesn’t seem to take anything too seriously. Letting the pressures of fame slide right off her back, she enjoys spending her time flying from one city to the next to pursue her career.

Fouz created an alter ego on Instagram, the Real Fouz, to share a collection of stunning images. From beautiful makeup creations to bright and bold outfit posts, her feed simply oozes luxury and style.

When she isn’t posting on Instagram or sharing makeup tutorials, Fouz works hard to run her very own salon - The Real Fouz Beauty Salon.

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