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Emily Lucy Rajch

About Emily Lucy Rajch...

Emily Lucy Rajch is a mid-size fashion influencer, content creator and business owner based in the UK. Changing her approach to social media after feeling the many pressures surrounding body image and conforming to the false beauty standards promoted online, Emily is seen as an inspiring figure to many of her followers.

Having spent many years trying to make it as a social media influencer, Emily would edit photos to upload the perfect image, always worried about comments and abuse that her pictures received.

However, with the sudden outbreak of the pandemic back in March 2020, Emily decided to leave her job, which was in social media and marketing, and decided to dedicate the majority of her time to her content, creating posts that she wanted to do, not caring about what others had to say.

As she started creating videos that showed her true self, Emily reduced the need to take and edit photos, which led to her growing an incredible follower count. 

Now, Emily has hundreds of thousands of combined followers, and she creates content for platforms including Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

On Instagram, Emily creates videos where she showcases her favourite outfits and appropriate fits for any occasion. Similarly on YouTube, Emily posts hauls of clothes after either being sent items from brands or having done a spot of shopping, which her followers love and engage with.

Taking her massive passion for fashion and applying it to her everyday life, Emily is now the proud founder and owner of her very own clothing brand, ELR style. Selling fashionable women’s clothing in an array of sizes, Emily sells everything from bodysuits to skirts and even swimwear.

Having grown an incredible community and a loyal following, Emily is an inspiration to many, making her a great following to help boost your brand awareness in your next marketing campaign!

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