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Mother and daughter duo, Kasha Grimes and Misha Grimes have become online sensations and well-loved beauty influencers. Being a mother as well as a beauty icon is no easy job - but Kasha Grimes continues to seize the spotlight with her emergence into the social media influencing world where she flaunts her beauty and fashionable insight to thousands of followers.

Mother to one of the biggest social media influencers, Kasha follows her daughter’s footsteps into becoming a role model for multiple generations. Over the years, the pair have entered beauty pageants together, Misha entering Miss Teen and Kasha entering Mrs Galaxy UK, and were both awarded places within the top three. Despite confessing that the experience initially pushed her out of her comfort zone, Kasha admits that this was a life-changing decision; she has since established her own fanbase on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube where she posts content related to fashion and beauty. In taking such a leap, she not only became the runner up of Mrs Galaxy but also becomes a role model for many out there who look up to the renowned beauty icon.

Her YouTube channel, NiftyAfterFifty, is dedicated to those who feel like “growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional”. This philosophy inspired Kasha to create a wide range of content including fashion hauls and try ons, anti-aging tips, beauty hacks, hair tutorials, women’s talks, health advice and more. Often, the beauty influencer teaches women of over 50 years how to incorporate modern fashion into their style regardless of age, and collaborates with Misha in their ‘Generation Chats’ series. Together, they tackle topics such as mother and daughter relationships, body image, nudity and pornography - topics that are taboo and challenging to address but no doubt prominent amongst different age groups. Aside from creating content together, the pair have also teamed up and raised over £11,000 for charities including Christie’s and Claire House Children’s Hospice.

Aside from modelling, beauty, social media influencing and philanthropy, Kasha eagerly engages in collaborations with brands through digital marketing. Being in a paid partnership with The Perfume Shop, Kasha takes to Instagram to promote their product as well as give fans promotional offers and discount codes on items. Given her all-round influence, Kasha is the perfect influencer to partner with whether it be for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, modelling or philanthropy.

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