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Charlie Brake is a reality television influencer and social media icon who made his name known on the popular Love Island reality series in 2018. Originally from Chelsea, this socialite is already known for his association with the Brakes catering company, a multi-million dollar business formerly owned by Charlie’s family.

Being confident and unapologetically bougie, Charlie has a big personality online. Fans can often watch him document his extravagant travels around the world and the adventures he embarks on throughout his life as a popular lifestyle and travel influencer. Having now launched his YouTube channel, Charlie has become a lifestyle vlogger who creates videos dedicated to travel, hotel and food. As his popularity continues to grow, the influencer’s fame has allowed him to engage in photoshoots with popular lifestyle magazines such as Cosmopolitan.

Maintaining his profile as a credible influencer, Charlie often collaborates with fellow social media stars, including fellow Love Island constants such as Alex George, Charlie Frederick and Adam Collard.

With a passion for supporting good causes, Charlie also uses his heightened presence to support charity campaigns. In the past he has worked with fashion companies such as Odd Balls, where he and fellow lifestyle influencer Eyal Booker frequently take to Instagram to support the brand’s campaign and spread word about important issues such as men’s health and cancer.

Although he has moved on to become a travel and lifestyle influencer, his engagement with television doesn’t seem to have halted completely. The icon posts pictures on Instagram of himself engaging in projects involving the BBC - we can expect a lot more coming from this emerging lifestyle, travel and television influencer as he shares with us his upcoming projects and keeps fans on their toes for more content.

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