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About Alice Thorpe...

Alice Thorpe has gained quite the following over the years thanks to her expertise in digital creation, graphic design, and career as a social media influencer. 

After beginning her channel back in 2013 as a student at university, Alice’s online presence has continued to grow.

Having used her talents and passion for graphics design and digital creation, Alice has found her niche and uses her platform to inspire and educate others who have similar interests. With video tutorials for beginners, intermediates and advanced, Alice’s content is suitable for everyone.

As well as sharing detailed how-to's and tips and tricks, Alice often posts lifestyle videos by sharing daily vlogs, Q&A style videos and giving her followers a sneak peek into the behind the scenes of designing her very own products.

As a keen user of Instagram, Alice posts images documenting her days both at home and out exploring, as well sharing stylish fashion photos, smiley selfies, and positive and uplifting quotes. As well as that, Alice is also an advocate for body positivity, often encouraging others to be comfortable and love the skin they’re in. 

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