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About Andrew Brady...

Andrew Brady is a popular reality TV star and social media icon who has established a strong online presence following his appearance on some of the nation’s favourite hit shows. Having starred in both The Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother, the popular influencer has built his fanbase by showing both sides his personality and now entertains an large online audience.

Before becoming a television and media influencer, Andrew had established a career as a project engineer in the aerospace industry. Despite his strong engineering background, Andrew’s heart steered towards television but did not neglect his entrepreneurial drive. He became a contestant on The Apprentice as his debut television appearance, leading him on to eventually pursue television and social media as a full-time career.

Alongside his involvement in television, the star is known for his social media activity and presence as an online icon. He often takes to Instagram and Twitter to share light-hearted, humourous content, alongside documenting his day-to-day endeavours and allowing fans to grab a sneak peek of the popular influencers lifestyle. Throughout his Instagram page, fans are able to witness Andrew’s journey through his excursions abroad as he meditates in Bali, plays with monkeys in exotic jungles and swims with sea turtles through an underwater museum. In this way, his social media becomes not only a space for Andrew to share and endorse his commercial and television projects, but also an online gallery to share his experiences. His love for animals can also be seen throughout his posts as he ventures out to Australia, engaging with different animals in comedic poses and pictures.

Aside from the entertainment and lifestyle side of his social channels, Andrew also tackles the tough and taboo when discussing vital issues that affect his peers and his online audience. He effectively utilises his elevated platform to address topics such as mental health and toxic social media traps in informative and personal blog posts, encouraging his readers to retain a healthy approach towards the television and the digital world. In this way, he not only becomes a relatable celebrity figure and role model for thousands online, but also an advocate for mental health as he continues to raise awareness. He also engages in Q&As on his Instagram channels, allowing fans to develop an interactive and personal relationship with the influencer as he shares details of his life with the world.

Due to his digital presence, Andrew is a strong influencer for brand partnerships and commercial projects. He can become an advocate for any brand, business or campaign, and has participated in sponsored guest appearances at events like the UEFA Final with where he engages in posting social content across his digital channels.

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