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Caroline Wigg is a TikTok sensation best known for her hilarious comedy sketches. Her consistent uploading of funny content has earned her an impressive and highly engaging following on TikTok.

Hosting a long running series named “School POVs”, Caroline provides impressions of students and teachers in different relatable experiences that her followers say are “scarily accurate”. From the popular girl who is currently going through a breakup to the teacher who is trying to get her students to tidy up the classroom, Caroline smashes every scenario that you probably experienced throughout your school days.

Earning her tens of millions of likes, it is no surprise that Caroline has attracted collaborations with a number of big brands to help promote their new products. In doing so, Caroline has become a successful influencer and has showcased that she can work professionally, benefitting both her personal development and the brand’s marketing campaign. 

Still being fairly new to the world of social media and now recently having branched out to other platforms including Instagram, we are excited to see how far Caroline can go and strive to carry on her successful career.

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