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About Blair Walnuts...

Born in Bulgaria and now living in America, Blair Walnuts is a popular lifestyle YouTuber. Sharing her content on YouTube and Instagram, she keeps thousands of people entertained with her funny and lighthearted content.

With over 600 thousand followers across her various social media platforms, Blair shares videos and images based around food, such as taking part in common food challenges for the entertainment of her fans, as well as travel and lifestyle posts.

Posting her first video on the video-sharing channel YouTube in December 2017, Blair was quickly able to catch the attention of users. From this day onwards, she was able to amass 35 million views overall, making her channel a complete success.

Some of her most popular videos revolve around ‘What I Eat In A Day’ style videos, as well as trying out some of the most well-known diets from celebrities and models. Blair recognises the body positive movement and supports mental health awareness. This demonstrates her as a mindful influencer with the wellbeing of her followers kept close to her heart.

Blair is currently engaged to fellow YouTuber Nik Stonestreet. They often feature in each other’s vlogs, as well as posing together for adorable snaps for their Instagram feeds.

Posting regularly on Instagram, Blair also has a profile dedicated to fitness and healthy eating called @workoutwithwalnuts. Here, she shares pictures of what she eats in a day to inspire her followers to eat well and take care of their bodies.

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