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About Brandonio...

Brandon Stewart, or Brandonio as he is more popularly known, creates video content packed with inventive humour and heaps of creativity.

Brandonio’s girlfriend and sister often take part in the pranks central to his YouTube channel, as unsuspecting targets, or the masterminds behind enticing Brandonio into tricks of their own. 

His closeness to his family and sister, Holly, is often the inspiration behind his content, with Brandonio’s early videos featuring his Mum and Holly in popular challenge and prank videos. 

Later, Brandonio introduced his girlfriend, Erin, into his content, and himself, Holly and Erin became an inseparable trio, with pranks becoming ever more elaborate. His viral videos include covering his sisters' room entirely with selfies and creating fake winning lottery tickets.

Aside from his hilarious pranks, Brandonio often surprises his girlfriend and sister with dream gifts, birthday surprises and shopping sprees.

Brandonio’s Instagram showcases his sweeter side, with anniversary dedications, and adorable snaps of the trio dressed in Christmas onesies.

Travels to London, Florida and Majorca feature the three besties enjoying the discovery of new places together, with the odd prank or two thrown in for good measure.

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