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About Anna Vakili...

Having already been dubbed the ‘British Kim Kardashian’ of the 2019 Love Island series, Anna Vakili steals the spotlight with her bold, confident and self-assured presence. With thousands of followers already, the soon-to-be reality star had already established herself as a micro-influencer across social platforms.

Anna shares the details of her friendly connections with globally acclaimed Iranian footballers. Not long after Anna and her sister were spotted with the Persian superstars, Anna’s name was spread all over Iranian news outlets, her social media presence soaring dramatically. With followers both from the Middle East and UK, we can expect this already growing fan base to blossom even more during her appearance on the hit ITV show.

The modest but confident lifestyle figure describes herself as ‘different to anyone who has been on the show before’. Having graduated with a Masters’ degree and landed a career in pharmacy, she prides herself in having pursued her academic goals and found success in within the pharmaceutical industry. In a show known for its focus on dating, relationships, compatibility and appearance - rather than individual intellect - gives the rising influencer a slight edge to her character.

Following the surge of attention created during her ventures in Qatar, she actively takes to Instagram to document her everyday life. Being a keen traveller, her social media often features snaps of the influencer travelling across the Middle East and Europe; visiting popular hot spots like Dubai, Marbella, Mykonos, Paris and Maldives. With her already growing fan base, we can expect to see Anna’s popularity soar during her debut television appearance on Love Island, as she continues to strengthen her prominence within the social media world.

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