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Since her television debut when winning Miss Edinburgh, former beauty queen Camilla Thurlow has embarked on a series of exciting adventures and become a hugely popular social media star.

Camilla Thurlow’s career past isn’t quite what most people expect from a reality TV star. Prior to her stint on Love Island, Camilla worked as an explosive ordnance disposal employee, as well as having worked for the Halo Trust charity organisation. 

Camilla openly shows her love for environmental causes throughout her Instagram page, as she voluntarily engages in events and challenges with Channel 4 in aid of organisations such as Stand Up 2 Cancer, as well as featuring in their celebrity charity special of SAS: Who Dares Wins. In addition to this, Camilla shows consistent support of organisations such as WWF, as well as eagerly endorsing eco-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan products to her following.

Taking to Instagram, Camilla uses her platform to raise awareness of a variety of important topics. She also uses Instagram to share her love of fashion and beauty, often sharing her favourite outfits and beauty products. In 2020, Camilla and Jamie announced that they were expecting their first child, with Camilla documenting many aspects of her pregnancy. In October, the sweet couple shared the safe arrival of their baby girl, Nell. Now, Camilla shares her journey of parenthood and in particular, breastfeeding with her followers.

During the series, Camilla coupled up with model and fitness influencer Jamie Jewitt, and the pair have continued their romance since departing the show. Together, they take to Instagram to document their travels together and other exciting projects that they participate in.

The star returned to television with her own new series What Camilla Did Next, which aired on ITVBe, a show that will document the influencer’s journey as she goes back to completing challenging charity excursions in Cambodia. Successfully, Camilla has used her platform to endorse humanitarian work and become a passionate advocate for environmental causes - and now Camilla Thurlow is a keynote speaker on such subjects.

Camilla also published her very first book in August 2020, Not The Type: Finding My Place in the Real World, a brave and honest memoir.

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