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About Chunkz...

Amin Mohamed, or known more fondly as Chunkz, is an English entertainer, social media personality and rapper. Most famed for his appearance as Asznee in the 2017 novelty song "Man's Not Hot,'' Chunkz has quickly rocketed to fame.

As well as posting rap battle videos on his YouTube channel, Chunkz has also won over thousands of fans with his many challenges, pranks, and videos in his popular #MANDM series.

One of his biggest achievements included helping to launch a voice app built for the Google Assistant for the train ticket retailer Trainline to ease rail journey planning. As well as this, he won the International Somali Award for the best entertainer.

As of 2019, Chunkz became part of the collaborative group known as Beta Squad on YouTube alongside fellow YouTuber Niko Omilana. By being a part of this established group, Chunkz was able to see his followers increase even more, helping him to become a popular entertainment influencer.

With thousands of followers on his various social media channels, Chunkz has been able to collaborate with leading brands such as Footasylum. Due to his impressive level of engagement on his videos, Chunkz is the perfect social media influencer to promote a product or service.

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