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Elle Darby is a popular YouTube sensation who made her name known through posting engaging and instructive content ranging from fitness, fashion, beauty and more. Establishing herself as a social media icon, she has accumulated over 23 million views across her videos on the platform, as well as a online following of 380k and counting.

Ellie’s motivation was to document her year-long experience of turning her amateur interest for fitness and health into an expertise. Now a fitness guru, she delivers highly demanded fitness guides and routines to thousands of fans who eagerly follow the influencer’s footsteps into pursuing their own goals. She is known to her fans for publishing gym session vlogs, dietary and health advice, as well as creating a video series ‘Bikini Prep’ where she documents her journey through informative videos such as ‘What I Eat In A Day’, ‘My Top Tips To a Self-Love Day’, ‘Goal Setting’ and ‘My Fitness Journey So Far’.

Since establishing a strong social media presence, the influencer has collaborated with a series of brands and businesses. Through sponsored content and promotional videos and posts online, Elle partners with brands such as The Perfume Shop, Rebellious Fashion and Abbott Lyon.

Aside from fitness content, the influencer engages in a variety of popular discussions and topics such as beauty, fashion and entertainment. From clothing hauls, to make up tutorials and hair care videos, Elle becomes an all-round role model for followers who resonate with the influencer’s interests. Creating engaging content, her daily vlogs allow fans to get a glimpse of the influencer’s day to day activities and be a part of her life. Her challenge videos consist of ‘10,000kcal Challenge’, ‘We Only Ate Theme Park Food For 24 Hours’ and ‘Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge’. She also engages in a bunch of travel vlogs, documenting her adventures with fans who are also keen travel enthusiasts and enjoy keeping up with the influencer’s journeys across the globe.

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