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About The Lean Machines...

YouTube sensations, The Lean Machines is a duo of personal trainers and nutritionists with a huge following online. Leon Bustin and John Chapman are the masterminds behind the channel, and their charismatic personalities are perfect for pushing fans to 'eat well, move better and feel awesome'.

Promoting fitness and health, the twosome are committed to helping their followers improve their lifestyle and fitness choices. Helping to change the mindset behind fitness to ensure people are more receptive to positive transformations, John and Leon have been central to seeing people realize their personal aspirations.

Their boyish charm has proven particularly watchable and The Lean Machines have taken their place among the most iconic faces in men's fitness in the UK. The duo have made fitness more accessible by inspiring, motivating and revitalising many to follow their own fitness goals.

Encouraging a clear focus and concrete aspirations, The Lean Machines' endearing personas have set them apart from other fitness influencers, with their lightheartedness proving relatable to their followers.

Featuring in The Observer, The Evening Standard, Now Magazine, Men's Fitness and more, offering tips, tricks and insights into their own lives - The Lean Machines are a fixture of the media. Through their media appearances as well as their social media presence, they have enabled thousands of people to engage in fitness in a fun and positive way.

The Lean Machines' YouTube channel is one of their most consistent and intriguing outputs. They have posted content for their fans on various topics. As well as offering regular workout videos, they also engage users with nutrition, healthy eating videos and meal planning advice.

Demonstrating their influence in the online fitness world, videos such as: 'What it Really Takes to Get Lean!', 'Can You Lose Fat and Build Muscle' and 'How Not Sleeping is Making You Fat' - have seen the fitness gurus rack up a loyal following with over 400,000 subscribers. Their growing channel has taken off due to their commitment to helping viewers to stop comparing themselves to others, and instead concentrate on their own goals.

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"Eat Well, Move Better, Feel Awesome"